Patent CEO files patent applications in a variety of different technologies including software, hardware, electronics, medical devices, simple devices, mechanical, home devices, jewelry, optics, and more.  We have several patent practitioners working for our group.

Phillip Vales, General Manager, Patent CEO

Phillip Vales, General Manager

Our general manager Phillip Vales both files patent applications and provides ongoing services for the various offices in the state of Florida.  He organizes what practitioner is assigned to your particular patent application and handles over all business matters of the company,  His unique background comprising both experience within the labyrinth of the USPTO (US Patent Office) itself as well as working as a contractor for various law firms.

At the USPTO he examined numerous patent applications (philip vales review or review phillip vales) resulting in many patented products for major global corporations like IBM and similar corporations.  Additionally, he has worked at a major defense contractor dealing with surveillance and underwater communications.  Before formally entering the USPTO in 1998, Mr. Vales worked as a searcher for and has conducted hundreds of searches regarding inventions from camera picture technology, illumination devices, touch screen displays, data processing, convolutional codes, block codes, error protection and fault tolerance of memories, power supplies and more.