Patent CEO reviews that Eureka Moment!

You are walking along down the street talking to your wife on the cellphone when something catches your eye.  It is not something you ordinarily pay attention to.  A store has an item on display in the front display; you move closer to it and it grabs your attention.  For some reason something inside of you is telling you to keep looking.  Just another push for instant gratification?  There is a gnawing inside — you have a gushing forth of an idea that is coming to the surface.  It is a Eureka Moment! 

Getting a Patent on your Eurke Moment

There is no question that we all have had them a feeling of the transcendant nature of reality of discovery and wonder.  The instant when we recognized something impressive that we had latched on to.  Some of them can turn into patents if we pursue such protection.  Indeed if you have an idea that is marketable to millions it can be worth quite a lot.  Others have done it why not you?

Of course we have to understand the inherent risks involved as in any business endeavor, budding inventors and product developers are encouraged to do their due diligence.  What this means is that they do their homework on various business, marketing, accounting, patenting and more.  Know what you are getting in to, the economics of the venture and bring quality people for the ride.  That Eureka Moment it could be quite a rush.  Make sure you understand the Risks and the potential Rewards.